With smart deals, we offer solutions for sellers / producers of lubricants as well as for buyers.

For the benefit of both sides, a smart deal is an agreement entered into
by two or more parties for their mutual benefit.
A benefit in manufacturing & selling lubricants, a benefit in purchasing lubricants.

So make the first step.
The Lubricant marketplace runs partly or fully digital
on our XETA Digital Lubes Trading Platform.

Use our XETA Digital Lubes Trading Platform with

  • the integrated digital lubricant adviser for the qualified distribution of your lubes
  • to receive the best price trough integrated market disruption technology

Made for global businesses.

Made for better deals.

Made with love.

“Our lubes trading platform XETA combines the best of both worlds:
Experience and technology.
Developed for sellers, made for buyers. Runs automatically if wished.”
Dietmar – Technical Content Developer of XETA

XETA – The indepentend lubes platform across producers or dealers opens virtual global doors.
Made with deep knowlegde, care and wisdom. Ready for AI. You will like it!

The 4 USPs of the XETA Digital Lubes Trading Platform:

  • Quick recognition of the quality level of the products offered
  • Market overview: Recognition of the best price for the desired product
  • Integrated Lubematchmaker: Find the right product for your aggregate
  • Market disruption in time of change: Change the supplier. Increase your business. Go your own ways.

The job role of at least your sales and business developers will be changed automatically when you use the XETA Digital Lubes Trading Platform.

The trick in life is learning how to deal with it. Smart Deals – The digital trading platform for lubricants with integrated market disruption.

You havent missed the boat yet: Contact us if you want to run your lubrication business digital!
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