“The only way to make sure that you don’t lose your job with the arrival of AI,
is to do something that AI cannot do, and the only thing
that artificial intelligence cannot do but a human can, is being original.

So, do something original and no AI can ever replace you.”

― Abhijit Naskar

The spirit in developing the XETA Digital Lubes Platform > > >

Disruptive approach > We had the target to make old things obsolete. To chance the traditional way supply chains for lubes work, including sales of lubricants was one target. Smarter, more effective ways for users of lubricants another target. Furthermore we see chances in new applications in the after sales service.
Therefore we offer tools which make the lubrication industry more efficient, much more efficient.
We are still at the beginning of changes in the industry: All there is, is high disruption potential.

Appraoch to transform human knowledge into the platform >

Our civilisation is working on the creation of man, but we focus on the fully digital supply chain in the lubrication business only:-)
Beside the platform, data its necessary to transfer human knowledge. As well as a new model, algoritm called, how things have to be transfered into and function in bits and bytes.

Appraoch to develop and use AI Algorithm & machine learning >

AI Algorithms combined with our platform and the usage in different kinds in the industry is the key to for our success. The effect enhancer of the disruption idea are the algorithms and the way machines will learn.

We can offer you unusual solutions for unusual ideas.

You need it, in times of change.

You havent missed the boat yet: Contact us if you want to run your lubrication business digital!
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