Due to COVID 19, the global digital transformation and massive changes in human delevopment and human behavior we expect massive changes in the global structure of suppliers and demander structure. Hydrocarbon-products have no bright future anymore, but lubrication products will still be needed independent of the demand for petrol or other products.

By the matter of fact, that some companies and / or their personnel wont even exist in 3-5 years anymore there is a need of transparent, high qualitity platform for buyers, sellers and users.

For example:

  1. Due to the first COVID 19 lockdown Amazon reached the highest sales targets ever, unless small shops went bankcrupt. At the end local buyers lost their shop, but thats life. On the other hand buying at amazon.com was safe, much safer than visiting big malls.
  2. There are hundred of thausands of different rated lubricants for any kind of demand with prices in our platform.
    Show me the man who can beat the platform? Nobody.

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